Short Story of the Day – Day 28

Kathryn Chetkovich’s “Appetites”

Appetities story

Day Twenty-Eight

So this morning I really wanted and was in need of inspiration, so guess what I had in store to revisit? That’s right, my copy of The Best American Short Stories 1998. Man, that anthology sure is the best. I’d like to thank Professor Crandall, one of Fairfield’s great teachers, for the book recommendation.

The 1998 edition was a real eye opener in terms of exploring my love of the short story form. There’s a lot of great stories that I like to come back for reference or inspiration. Today, Kathryn Chetkovich’s story was on my mind. A lot of my admiration goes out to it, the way she handles the prose so fluidly and with ease really makes it a perfect story to read. To vividly see what a short story can do — it sure makes my heart flutter with enthusiasm to replicate the same.

1998 BASS

My copy of the 1998 BASS edition. My precious 🙂