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Riverhead Books New Colophon is a Hit!

Riverhead new colophon

I, for one, like to stay on top of my literary news and Monday was no exception as Riverhead Books finally (fully) revealed the big news it had us craving since last week.

Riverhead 1

Just as any publisher should be able to, Riverhead Books sure knew how to draw the lit crowd and did just so by tweeting constant updated hints full of mystique of what they were planning on revealing. The first sign of an impending change at Riverhead Books appeared on their Twitter page just last week on the 18th but with a series of confusing yet exciting tweets, the word was out and everyone was getting ready for what was to come:

Riverhead 2Riverhead 3

Riverhead 4Riverhead 5

Riverhead 6

Riverhead 7

You know, Literary Twitter was definitely buzzing and on that very day, we get the big news, exclusively revealed by Paste Magazine – Riverhead Books revealed a new colophon!

Riverhead colophon transition

The original Riverhead colophon from 1994 (left) and the new colophon (right)

A colophon, a publisher’s emblem, the image that’s visible along the spine of a book. For Riverhead, it’s a transition but more importantly, it marks a new era! They’ve been known for having celebrated books and with their list of authors in their arsenal, how can you possibly deny that. Their list of authors includes, to name just a few: Junot Diaz, James McBride, Elizabeth Gilbert, Paula Hawkins, Emma Straub, Meg Wolitzer, Manuel Gonzales, George Saunders, Claire Vaye Watkins, Lauren Holmes, Marlon James, and of course, the latest favorite of mine to join the Riverhead team, Lauren Groff!

Various Riverhead colophons

Much appreciation will definitely go to Riverhead art director Helen Yentus as she’s the master mind behind six years of hard work, that was “self-initiated” at first, since joining Riverhead Books.

“[The colophon] embodies what makes a Riverhead book always one to pay attention to: wide-ranging stories from around the globe that are unexpected, bold, and unforgettable.” – Helen Yentus

Over those six years, Yentus presented her ideas to Riverhead President and Publisher Geoff Kloske but it was only recently that Yentus struck gold since being “immersed in the Riverhead culture.”

“The world changes so it makes sense that brands reassert themselves at various points in their lives.” – Geoff Kloske

As for public response…It’s been overwhelmingly good! My Literary Twitter timeline was poppin’. People were straight up geeking out, pouring their love and affection for the new colophon. Some, like me, even had a new love for the word ‘colophon’. We’re nerds, what can I tell you. There was even someone going so far as calling the new colophon, sexy! Insert winky face emoji here?

So yeah, this new colophon definitely is a time to celebrate. Some already have:

snapchat tattoo celebrationankle tattoo celebration

Congratulations Riverhead on your new colophon!!

After Monday’s colophon revelation, I took one look at my bookshelf and there’s definitely a bunch of their titles there to be thankful for. One can only hope for their ongoing and future publishing success.

When it comes down to it, I love Riverhead Books! I recently (finally!) got one of their exclusive tote bags, by attending their holiday party on December, and it’s proudly hanging near my bookshelf. Such a major win!

Their social media presence is incredible! They’re great to follow on Twitter and Facebook. I don’t have an Instagram or Tumblr but I’m sure they’re there too. And they totally have an awesome Snapchat game, probably the only one I really check on and delighted to see.

This year’s Riverhead titles are definitely going to be hits on their own rights but I’m sure much behind the scene work by their publishers and editors will end up contributing to their success. Titles like Alvaro Enrigue’s Sudden Death, Helen Oyeyemi’s short story collection What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours and Manuel Gonzales’ The Regional Office Is Under Attack… Man, I’m just stoked to read those titles more than ever.

If there’s one thing that won’t change in the near future, it’s my excitement to always read more Riverhead Books!